Behind the obstacles (2018) 

It is difficult to assume that there is a hip-hop culture in Iran due to political situation in the middle East and in relations between the US and Iran. In 2018 I spent a month in Tehran and got to know local rappers and beatmakers: this is how I learned that rap in Iran not only exists, but is developing in its own way.

The project is about the difficult but honest lives of people who risk their lives to do what they love. It is forbidden to write lyrics that criticize the authorities and police of the country as well as to hold open events, sell CDs: mostly rappers record their music in home studios. Many people associate rap culture in the middle East with crime, but I persuade that this is a myth that has nothing to do with reality. Despite all the difficulties the community is quite broad, but closed: it’s almost impossible to become a part of it as it is in deep underground. The hip-hop culture in Tehran is being recorded and is still alive.